River Cole workshops

We are excited to be able to begin working in person again and will be holding a Cyanotype and Pinhole camera workshop at Meriden Adventure Playground in Chelmsley Wood on Thursday 29th July, working with the fantastic B37 Project.

The workshop is an opportunity to try out some analogue and historic photographic processes whilst also learning about the history of the adjacent River Cole.

The sessions will run as follows;

11 -12.30 am : Cyanotype printmaking

2 – 3.30 pm : Pinhole cameras using recycled materials

For more information about the location and to book please visit https://meridenadventureplayground.com/

Suitable for all ages from 6+.

Booking Info

Meriden Adventure Playground
Moorend Avenue
Chelmsley Wood
B37 5TB
Jul 29, 2021
11 am - 3.30 pm
free, booking required